Pre-Conceptual Care

Why is this so important?

Many chronic diseases begin in the preconception phase (Barker 2008; Naish & Roberts 1997).  Conception involves both the male and female partners equally.   To achieve a healthy sustainable conception, it must begin with a healthy robust sperm and egg.   Then the newly conceived embryo needs a healthy uterine environment to grow and develop in.  If a conception begins with a less than optimal sperm or egg, or it has a less than optimal uterine environment to develop in,  then it is at risk of miscarrying, dying before birth or suffering from chronic disease during its lifetime, resulting in a shorten life span.  It is vitally important to start off with a healthy sperm and egg that can then go on to grow in a healthy uterine environment being nourished in the right way to avoid compromised health at any point during its life.

What to expect from our pre-conceptual care program?

A full history will be taken of not only what has happened to your body in the past both physically and emotionally but of current symptoms you may have. 

Our program covers:

  • Assessment of overall health, including gut health, past medical history, diet, immunity, exercise, lifestyle, and qi.
  • Charting of your period cycle, including temperatures.
  • Provide education on the fertility diet and lifestyle changes that would be beneficial.
  • Avoidance of certain medication that can affect cervical mucus.
  • Avoidance of harmful environmental toxins including electro-magnetic radiation. Such toxins are known endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens (BPA and BPS) which can interfere and mimic the bodies hormones and contribute to poor birth outcomes (increases DNA mutations resulting in carcinogenesis) and ability to breast feed. Whatever the mother to be is exposed to in terms of toxic chemicals the baby is exposed to as well.  Understanding the dangers of cosmetic chemicals.  It only takes 26 secs for the chemicals to enter the blood stream from the time of exposure.  The placenta cannot act like a filter to prevent the crossover of these toxins.   It is a good idea to address this prior to conception.
  • Advice on good quality supplements if needed. Good health must start with a healthy diet, supplements are just that, they supplement a healthy diet where needed. Each individual need is slightly different so we might recommend hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to get a clear idea of what is needed. Not only is it important to consider what we take in, we must also consider factors that increase the excretion and utilisation of nutrients.
  • There are times when we will need to work with your GP to complete blood tests.
  • The impact of stress on the body’s ability to conceive.
  • Guidance to establish a work life balance to support the optimal environment for a conception to take place.
  • Preparation for childbirth from a Chinese perspective.
  • Earthing and the benefits of this to our health.
  • Natural sources of iodine.