Our program covers:

  • Assessment of her overall health, diet, lifestyle, and qi.
  • Provide education on diet and lifestyle changes that would be beneficial. 
  • Management of nausea and vomiting using acupuncture, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.  
  • Encouragement of appropriate exercises that support the changing pregnant body and prepare for birth.  
  • Avoidance of harmful environmental toxins including electro-magnetic radiation. Such toxins are known endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens (BPA and BPS) which can interfere and mimic the bodies hormones and contribute to poor birth outcomes (increases DNA mutations resulting in carcinogenesis) and ability to breast feed.  Whatever the mother is exposed to in terms of toxic chemicals the baby is exposed to as well.  Understanding the dangers of cosmetic chemicals.  It only takes 26 secs for the chemicals to enter the blood stream from the time of exposure.  The placenta cannot act like a filter to prevent the crossover of these toxins. 

Pregnancy Wellness Program

Today we are caring for woman who enter pregnancy with more complex health concerns.  Many are obese yet undernourished.  We are experiencing a level of health complications never seen before.  If the mother’s system is under stress in any way, then her baby is to a certain degree as well.  This situation has longer consequences on both the mother and baby’s health and the outcome of the pregnancy.  At the end of each pregnancy the goal for all involved is to have a healthy Mum and baby that progresses into a gentle vaginal birth allowing the mother to recover well and be ready to nurture her baby.  This is very difficult to achieve if the mother’s body is suffering from stress, disease, or deficiency in any way.  A mother’s health in pregnancy has a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of the child throughout its life. Hence it is of the utmost importance to create the most ideal environment for the baby to develop in to provide good amounts of qi and blood for it to have a healthy start to life following birth.  The Chinese medicine viewpoint on pregnancy is that it is a time in a woman’s life that she should take time to rest to allow the pregnancy to establish strongly. To nourish herself well every day.  To have time to get gentle exercise and to stretch out tension as her body changes and accommodates extra weight from the baby. It is a time when a woman’s body is building significant qi and blood to support the development of the baby and to avoid complications. This means that the mother needs not only to be on the healthiest of diets and have a healthy lifestyle, but she also needs to be aware of the impact of environmental stresses on the baby. 

Children’s Toxic Start to Life

The unborn baby is now being bathed in man-made Electromagnetic radiation for long periods of time. This type of energy is billions of times stronger than the energy field of our cells and the full impact of this is still being studied. It is known to have a cognitive effect disrupting neuromuscular and cognitive function.   It has been linked to ADHD and Autism due to synapse damage causing interference of synapse function.  Mothers need to minimise their exposure of EMF in whichever way possible. 

Effects are Epigentic and Transgenerational

  • Advice on good quality supplements if needed. Good health must start with a healthy diet, supplements are just that, they supplement a healthy diet where needed.  Pregnancy is a time when a top up of vitamins and minerals maybe needed.
  • The impact of stress on the developing baby.
  • How to nourish the immune system at a time when it is down regulated. 
  • We are equipped to help manage any complications of pregnancy.
  • Guidance to establish a work life balance to support the developing pregnancy. 
  • Preparation for childbirth from a Chinese perspective.
  • Earthing and the benefits of this to our health.
  • Natural sources of iodine.