Are you suffering from period pain?
Heavy periods?
Mood swings?
Irregular periods?
Have your periods stopped abruptly without being peri-menopausal?
Do you suffer from bloating, sore breast and have associated headaches?
In Chinese medicine it is understood that such disorders are indicative of an imbalance of the reproductive organs. When a woman approaches her period time of the cycle she should have an awareness that her body is nearing the end of her cycle in a way that doesn’t cause her any discomfort. You do not need to suffer from any of the above symptoms and if this should be the case they can easily be treated using acupuncture, herbs and supporting supplements.
Not only can Acupuncture treat the above symptoms but can also correct disorders such as long cycle (greater than 32 days), short cycle (less than 24 days), irregular cycle and no cycles (amenorrhea). In Chinese Medicine it is believed that any of the above symptoms are abnormal. However it is perceived amongst woman and Western Medicine to be an accepted as normal. At Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness Centre we can treat this so please don’t suffer unnecessarily or rely on harmful medication without addressing the underlying cause.