Pain and Injury

In Chinese medicine pain occurs when the natural flow of energy within the body has stagnated. This may be a result of trauma, musculoskeletal overuse, ill health or mental, emotional and spiritual strain. Pain can be a complex multi-factorial symptom.

To treat pain, we must first understand how it presents.  We explore your pain’s qualities, depth, intensity, location, frequency, duration and any factors that improve or aggravate pain levels. For example, is it aching, cramping, dull, sharp, burning, stabbing, dragging, expansive, throbbing etc and what makes it better or worse? Is it affected by a certain time of day or month, heat, cold or humidity, posture, movement or rest, responds to massage and emotional state.  Understanding your pain characteristics and how it affects and limits your life enables us to set goals and a TCM treatment plan.  Remember that pain is only a symptom of blocked Qi (energy) and the question is why? This is the root cause. 

Chinese medicine offers many methods to restore the smooth flow of circulation and address the root cause(s). A multifaceted approach usually works best using acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs and supplements, lifestyle and dietary advise and bodywork therapies like gua-sha and cupping.

Traumatic injury causes localised pain and stagnation that TCM has been shown to help alleviate. Trauma may also lead to chronic pain and disability if left untreated.  We are registered ACC treatment providers and can offer acupuncture treatments within 12 months of the date of injury. A valid ACC claim number is required to qualify which can be obtained through your GP, physiotherapist or specialist provider.

ACC find acupuncture to be effective for pain and injury. Click here to read article.