Introducing Nicky Mercer, Lindy’s locum from April 2015-2016

I am delighted to join the Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness centre and to be of service to our local community. I was raised in Bombay and I have spent the majority of my life as part of the Franklin community. The last nine years have been in Waiau Pa and Clarks Beach, with my husband and our two children.
I have extensive nursing experience, starting as a hospital nurse in New York City, nursing patients with AIDS in the 1990’s, at the height of the HIV epidemic. On my return to New Zealand, my interest became rehabilitation and occupational health, assisting employees to overcome injury and illness and to provide training on optimal ergonomics and rehabilitation.
After the birth of my two children I began exploring complementary therapies. Alongside acupuncture, I also practice various forms of kinesiology including neuro-linguistic kinesiology, touch for health and Nambudripad’s allergy elimination techniques (NAET). These modalities can be extremely helpful for physical wellness, stress release, goal setting, clearing destructive emotions, enhancing learning, brain integration and overcoming allergy reactions. My nursing experience brings a western perspective to complement these traditional and complementary therapies. I encourage you to explore the website:, to find out more about the international studies that have been conducted to support NAET, allergies and autism. More information on children’s learning and neuro-linguistic kinesiology is available at Kinesiology and acupuncture work on the energy system of your body to trigger your intrinsic capacity to heal yourself. The application for these techniques is very wide but it is limited to this inherent capacity. Alongside treatment I advocate a lifestyle balance, nourishing practices and wholesome food. I understand people find it difficult to make lasting life style changes and I am therefore ready to support you on your journey.
I am a registered ACC provider and a member of the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA) and the New Zealand Institute of Acupuncture (NZIA). I also belong to the Kinesiology Association of New Zealand (KANZ) and I’m a certified NAET advanced practitioner. I have a love of learning and wellness and regularly attend ongoing education to consolidate my practice.
Please see my website for more information. I can be contacted on cell ph. 0276694430 or I look forward to meeting you.