Can Bach Flowers be used in pregnancy?

Yes, most definitely!

So, how can they help you?

• Alleviate anxiety surrounding the birth
• Help you to stay calm, relieve stress.
• Clarify your thoughts to enable you to make confident decisions regarding pregnancy and your baby.
• Give you confidence to manage the extra demands in your life.
• Help you to relax and unwind.
• Give you patience should you start feeling irritable.
• Help you tolerate those around you for those days when others appear to ‘get you down’
• Still a busy mind
• Reassure if you have fears for your baby’s wellbeing.
• Balance you when feeling tired.
• Keep you and your support person calm and focussed through labour.
• Lift spirits in those ‘bluesy’ days after the birth
• Help you manage if things start to feel overwhelming
• Protect you and help you stay on track if there’s a lot of influence from others.
• Can be gently massaged on to your baby to help her/him adjust to outside life.

This list is not complete, merely a few examples of how the remedies can assist you move through this period of your life.

How long should you take the remedy?

Once the emotion that was disturbing you is back in balance you can stop taking the remedy. You do not need to keep taking the remedy as it is a bit like brushing a tangle out of your hair. Once smoothed out, the tangle has gone. The disturbing emotion was a tangle or knot in the energetic flow and once undone there is no more smoothing out that is necessary.

Bach Flower remedies are made from harmless, gentle flowers, herbs and trees of nature that have the power to heal emotional and physical dis-ease. They can be used for issues from the cradle to the grave and are perfect for plants and animals too.

They were discovered around 80 years ago by Dr Edward Bach, a medical doctor, bacteriologist and homoeopath. Through his intuition and observation he realised that as individuals we function better when our emotions are positive and balanced. When we are emotionally balanced we are more likely to enjoy mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

They are safe, non toxic, non habit forming and can be used alongside drugs or other treatments.

“…the thirty-eight herbs heal gently and surely, and as there are no poisonous plants amongst them there is no fear of ill effects from overdoses or incorrect prescriptions.”
– Nora Weeks, The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician