About Us

Elaine (left) and Nicky (right)


I have been involved in the health profession since 1991. I trained initially as a Registered Nurse (NZ), then as a Midwife (UK, 1996) and more recently as an Acupuncturist (NZ and Nanjing China, 2009). 

I have an interest in maintaining wellness with extensive knowledge in environmental, nutritional and lifestyle management which can help to improve your well being. I have completed the foundation course in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (ACNEM). I incorporate Acupuncture, Guasha, Moxa, Cupping, Acupressure, Electro-therapy, nutrition and Bach flower Remedies into the treatment plan.

I often work closely with your GP, Specialist, Midwife and other health practitioners to achieve the best outcomes.
I am a member of NZASA (New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Association) which assures you that strict clinical guidelines are adhered to and disposable needles are used to maintain an optimum level of hygiene. I also undergo regular education, keeping up to date to improve my practice. I am ACC approved.


I have been interested in people’s health for as long as I can remember. Its a passion that begun when I trained in Auckland to be a registered nurse and moved to New York City in the nineties. I worked a lot with AIDS patients at the height of the HIV epidemic. On returning home I discovered an interest in rehabilitation and occupational health nursing. I loved seeing people recover and being a part of that journey is rewarding. It wasn’t until family health issues surfaced that I hung up my nursing uniform in pursuit of complementary solutions.

I trained in Kinesiology and Chinese medicine which I have integrated into a practice framework that draws on both western science and eastern philosophy.  I use various branches of kinesiology; touch for health, neuro-linguistic kinesiology, bio-kinesiology, Nambudripad’s allergy elimination techniques (NAET) and SIPS.  My training includes post graduate diplomas in health sciences in Acupuncture (Auckland University of technology) and Case Management (University of Auckland). I am an ACC approved acupuncturist and belong to several professional organisations.

My goal is to help you to meet your goal, whatever that may be. I use a variety of methods to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms.  I prefer to think of it as ‘balancing the body’ rather than giving ‘treatment’.  I do not diagnose medical conditions and I recommend consulting your general practitioner or specialist to guide you with this. These techniques are both complementary alongside regular western medicine and helpful to overcome side effects of conventional treatments.