I started seeing Nicky about a year ago for acupuncture to help with gastroparesis and I wasn’t sure how much it would help but slowly and surely combined with vitamins and dietary changes, I am feeling better and better, the energy levels are starting to return and most importantly the gastro is under control.

Nicky is amazing to work with, such a kind soul with an awesome sense of humour and very knowledgeable about all sorts of different ailments.
Gemma Simpson


My name is Diane Burgoyne and I am a wife and mother of 3 and LMC midwife in Pukekohe. My family and I have been using acupuncture for many years on a personal level with only successful results so obviously I am very happy to recommend acupuncture to my pregnant and post-partum and intra partum women as well, having experienced the benefits of acupuncture first hand.

My first experience with acupuncture was 25 years ago when pregnant with my 2nd child; my GP was qualified in acupuncture therapy and so suggested treatment for my asthma rather than using steroid medication, and for optimum positioning and wellbeing of pregnancy. I completed a very healthy pregnancy and my daughter was born at home. My 4th pregnancy and 2nd daughter was persistent breech position until 36 weeks. I used acupuncture, moxibustion, diet and inverted postures to successfully move her to a cephalic (head down) position and achieved a normal birth.

15 years ago my husband suffered spinal damage. He was unable to work for 6 months in extreme pain having extensive physiotherapy while managing on a multitude of analgesia and anti-inflammatorys. The only thing that eventually relieved his pain enabling him to return to work was acupuncture therapy. He has since had further treatments as needed and has been able to continue work since.

In 2012 my son (then 19yrs old) was involved in a fatal car crash, killing his 3 best friends & leaving him with severe brain injury. Whilst he was recovering in a coma we introduced a number of alternative therapies including acupuncture. Jaryd received approximately 6 treatments while in Waikato HDU & ABI rehab in Ranui. He was treated for specifics such as his inability to talk, restored function to his left arm & hand (broken & dislocated fingers), pneumonia, & mainly to repair of brain function. Today Jaryd is happy & leads a mostly independent & functional life. He is fully mobile, able to interact & socialise with others, resumed previous interests such as hunting & gym, working & driving part-time. We are very grateful to Lindy & Elaine for their contribution to Jaryd’s recovery.